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the field of wildlife (& other animals), nature and sustainability

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Connecting professionals, Empowering people, Re(de)fining businesses, Envisioning sustainable societies.

Professional Network

Reefz is a community on wildlife (& other animals), nature and sustainability. We aim to connect everyone 'Inspired by Nature' - professionals, students and consumers alike - and provide them with advanced tools to work more effectively on multidisciplinary joint-projects ánd communicate their initiatives.

Evolving business ecosystems based on innovative technologies, the creation of fair value chains and inclusive collaborations with active stakeholder participation will prove inevitable for ensuring our common sustainable future.

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  • Helicon Opleidingen. Eigentijds groen onderwijs, veelzijdige opleidingen. Duurzaam, innovatief en ondernemend. Voor onze leerlingen en studenten zijn we écht van betekenis, dat is onze ‘bedoeling'.
  • Welcome to Van Hall Larenstein, the most sustainable University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands! We train high-quality, ambitious and innovative professionals who contribute to a more sustainable world.