Oct 6, 2017 tot Oct 7, 2017
Reefz Reporter

The King Cobra is truly a remarkable animal, the biggest venomous snake on earth. This majestic species is revered and feared throughout its range.
The natural habitat of these animals is feeling the pressure from human development, climate change and pollution , making life for the king more and more challenging. Many of them are also killed out of fear, leading to the decline of the species. Current statistics of how many there are left in the wild are unknown, but researchers are noticing a declining population trend for this regal snake.
The king is an important snake species for the overall balance in nature. Recent studies also concluded that the Kings’ venom is medically important and can be used as a powerful painkiller (among other things).
A lot of work needs to be done as well as research about its behaviour and venom to help protect it.
Protection of this species will also help protect their natural habitat and all other species that depend on it. The King is therefore a “flagship” species for conservation and habitat protection in Asia.

The very first International King Cobra Symposium will feature the biggest experts, herpetologists, toxicologists and biologists from all over the world to talk about the important issues in King Cobra biology and conservation and aims to ignite cooperation of all parties as well as raise funds towards the preservation of the superior species of serpents.

Talks on King Cobra conservation, research in its natural behaviour as well as toxicology and youth participation in wildlife protection will be topics discussed in the symposium and participants are encouraged to play an active role in the symposium by joining the Question and Answer sessions.

Never before has such a prestigious line up come together to make an important step in furthering research and protection of one of the most iconic snakes in the world.
Visitors to the symposium will also witness a presentation about a scientific breakthrough in cobra research and venom evolutionary development apart from being able to walk through exhibitions from reptile and conservation related establishments.
This symposium will be a must for all that enjoy nature and wildlife.

We look forward to welcoming you at The First International King Cobra Symposium 2017!

For more information see the website.


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